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CATV Power Supply DX Model/Power Inserter


CATV Power supply DX models are specially designed to give full current with an automatic short circuit protection. An Ampere meter indicates the output current. Many output of power supply help in dividing the current at the source itself.

Power Inserter : The use of external power inserter helps in avoiding hum interface in RF Signals. This is an essential requirement for large CATV networks.


  • Short circuit alarm indicator
  • Continuous current indication
  • Automatic short circuit cut-off
  • Suitable for large CATV networks
  • Freq. 5 ~ 860 MHz & high linearity
  • External power inserter to avoid Hum interface
  • Automatic power restoring circuit - after removing short circuit




  • 15 Amp. DX : 90V with 4 Power Inserters
  • 10 Amp. DX : 90V with 4 Power Inserters
  • 10 Amp. DX : 60V with 4 Power Inserters
  • 6 Amp. DX : 60V with 2 Power Inserters